Students working together on lab activities.

Students working together on lab activities from the AGI/NAGT Lab Manual. Photo by Vince Cronin.

Vince Cronin's resources for the AGI/NAGT Lab Manual [12th Ed]

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This is the portal through which I share resources I use or have developed to support online teaching/learning with the AGI/NAGT Lab Manual. I use the Lab Manual for face-to-face and distance learning at Baylor University.

Vince Cronin's presentation at the GSA Annual Meeting 2021: Remote teaching of introductory physical geology labs during the COVID pandemic, accessible via

An NAGT Webinar about the 12th edition of the AGI/NAGT Lab Manual is available online via

Lab Manual reference:
Cronin, V.S., [editor], and Tasa, D., [illustrator], 2017, AGI/NAGT Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology [12th edition]: New York, Pearson, 461 p., ISBN-13 978-0-13-583697-2, ISBN-10 0-13-583697-2.

Teachers can request an examination copy of the Lab Manual from your Pearson representative, whom you can identify via

The instructor's manual for the current (12th) edition of the lab manual is available at no cost to teachers. Contact your Pearson representative for details. The instructor's manual contains answers, web resources, and literature references I used in revising the LM.

My credentials are accessible via

I would very much like to throw the channels of communication wide open so that the future development of the lab book can be a truly collaborative process, particularly with teachers who actually use the book. Please feel free to contact me with your questions, concerns, suggestions, constructive criticisms, and potential contributions to the lab book. This communication is not just welcome — it is essential for the continued improvement of the lab manual.


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Submitting Student Responses For Lab Activities Electronically

In an effort to keep our graduate teaching assistants (lab graders) safe during the pandemic, students in the undergraduate introductory physical geology course at Baylor University will be submitting all of their lab work as PDF files.

The lab room has a duplex scanner that allows students in face-to-face labs to turn their paper response sheets into pdf files.

Students working from home are given instructions for turning their lab activity sheets into electronic files that can be uploaded to Baylor's learning-management system. Those instructions are accessible via

Homepage/Syllabus for Intro Phys Geology Lab at Baylor, Fall 2020 and 2021, Using the AGI/NAGT Lab Manual

  • Link to the homepage/syllabus for the Introductory Physical Geology lab at Baylor University, fall 2020
  • ... fall 2021

    Resources by Lab Manual Chapter

    This is a construction zone to which I will add material as it is developed or accumulates.

    Lab 1: Filling your Geoscience Toolbox

    Lab 2: Plate Tectonics

    Lab 3: Mineral Properties, Identification, and Uses

    Lab 4: Rock-Forming Processes and the Rock Cycle

    Lab 5: Igneous Rocks and Processes

    Lab 6: Sedimentary Processes, Rocks, and Environments

    Lab 7: Metamorphic Rocks, Processes, and Resources

    Lab 8: Dating of Rocks, Fossils, and Geologic Events

    Lab 9: Topographic Maps

    Lab 10: Geologic Structures, Maps, and Block Diagrams

    Lab 11: Earthquake Hazards and Human Risks

    Lab 12: Stream Processes, Geomorphology, and Hazards

    Lab 13: Groundwater Processes, Resources, and Risks

    Lab 14: Glaciers and the Dynamic Cryosphere

    Lab 15: Desert Landforms, Hazards, and Risks

    Lab 16: Coastal Processes, Landforms, Hazards, and Risks

    Lab 17: Earth's Dynamic Climate


    I was contracted by AGI to serve as the content editor and primary revision author of the AGI/NAGT Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology. In doing this work, I collaborate with other geoscientists and geoscience educators so that this lab manual remains connected to the active geoscience community as it evolves. I seek-out relevant resources in the public domain (photos, maps, web resources) to use in the lab book, including resources from organizations such as NASA, USGS, NOAA, UNAVCO, and IRIS. I take photographs in support of this project, at no cost to AGI, NAGT, or Pearson. These photos include high-resolution focus-stacked images of rock/mineral specimens. Ownership of all of my photos used in the Lab Manual is transferred to AGI so they can be used for any future edition without cost or hassle. I also create drafts of all new or revised artwork, which is then finalized by Dennis Tasa.

    In my opinion, EVERYONE who teaches an introductory physical geology course in the US and EVERY member of NAGT should know that NAGT and AGI receive royalties from the sale of the Lab Manual. The fact that sales of the Lab Manual provide financial benefit to our community makes it unique among the lab book options on the market. Since its first edition in 1986, the Lab Manual's content has always been developed primarily, if not exclusively, by NAGT members for the benefit of the community.

    In addition to the full "national edition" of the Lab Manual, Pearson offers a variety of lower-cost options. (Note that rental or resale of a book does not generate royalty payments to folks who own the royalty rights.) Lower-cost options include use of the eText (with or without Mastering Geology) and creation of custom versions of the Lab Manual.

    Teachers can work with Pearson to create a custom text that contains only the laboratory chapters that will actually be used. So if you want to use Lab Manual resources for all 12 lab periods in a semester, or just for 3, Pearson can supply you with what you need and royalty payments on the customized textbook will still flow to AGI and NAGT.

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