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Lab Assignment Submittal Instructions

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Version of January 18, 2021

  1. Notice that each of the pages in the lab book has a line of perforations located about 17 mm from the bound edge of the page, near the wire binding.
  2. Carefully tear the completed activity sheet out of the book along that line of perforations.
  3. Scan your work
    1. Scan the completed student-response page(s) for one activity.
      • You can do this with a fancy-schmancy document scanner (if you are fortunate enough to have one available to you) or simply by using your smartphone. Either way, all of the student-response pages of EACH activity should be in the same PDF file.
      • If you use your smartphone, BE VERY CONSCIOUS OF THE NEED TO HOLD THE PHONE STILL WHEN YOU ARE SCANNING . I say this only because my lovely daughter is in the habit of taking pictures with a funny little motion that looks like she is trying to push the camera/smartphone toward the thing she is trying to take the picture of, as if punching the air in front of the camera/smartphone is necessary to take the picture. Drives me nuts!
      • For hints about scanning using a smartphone, read the first two pages (only) of the document Submitting PDF Homework in Gradescope that is accessible via .
      • The Gradescope folks recommend a smartphone app called Scannable by Evernote for iOS users (Apple iPhones). Scannable is available for free in the Apple App Store. For Android smartphone users, Gradescope recommends Genius Scan , which is available in the Google Play Store .
      • Name the PDF file as follows: YourLastName-ActivityX-Y.pdf, where in place of the X you should put the chapter number, and in place of the Y you should put the activity number. So if your name was W.E.B. DuBois and you were submitting your work on Activity 1-1 from the Lab Manual, the file would be named DuBois-Activity1-1.pdf
    2. Login to Baylor's Canvas LMS ( ), navigate to your lab section, click on the Assignments link along he sidebar, find the appropriate assignment, and upload the PDF file for each completed activity associated with that particular assignment.
    3. Without folding, place the completed paper activity page in a folder, large (10"x13") mailing envelope, box, or stack on a shelf for safe keeping. You are required to send-in all of your completed paper activity sheets before the end of the term. You may not duplicate the completed activity sheet, or provide information about the answers to anyone other than your teacher.

Please let Dr. Cronin or your graduate teaching assistant know if you have trouble submitting your PDF files!

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