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An assortment of rock, shell, and mineral grains in beach sand. Photo by Vince Cronin.

Assignment and resources to learn about Rocks,
Cronin's The Dynamic Earth

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  1. Read the study questions for this section, listed at and keep them in mind as you read the following assignments. Most, if not all, of the answers will be in the reading assignments for this topic.
  2. View the pre-lab video Rock-Forming Processes and the Rock Cycle at
  3. Read: AGI/NAGT Lab Manual, chapter 4, all sections and subsections, Pages 101-110.
  4. Do: AGI/NAGT Lab Manual, Activity 4.1 Rock and the Rock Cycle, pages 111-112, and submit it to the Rocks assignment in Canvas — submission instructions HERE.
  5. Do: AGI/NAGT Lab Manual, Activity 4.2 Rock Inquiry, page 113, and submit it to the Rocks assignment in Canvas — submission instructions HERE.

Required Textbooks And Online Resources

AGI/NAGT Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology, 12th edition (paper copy) Print Lab Manual ISBN: 9780135836972
And yes, this edition is significantly different (and better, in my humble opinion) than the previous edition that was used in the 2019-2020 academic year at Baylor.

Modified Mastering Geology with eText for Tarbuck et al., Earth 13th edition*
This version of Mastering Geology is used within the Canvas LMS.
*Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology, 13th Edition, 2020, by E.J. Tarbuck, F.K. Lutgens, and S. Linneman, with illustrations by D.G. Tasa: New York, Pearson Higher Education, 754 p.

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