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Introduction to Physical Geology
Baylor U Geol 1405
Introduction to Structural Geology
Baylor U Geol 3445
Faults and Seismogenic Faulting
Baylor U Geol 5377
Structural Geology in Petroleum Exploration and Production
Baylor U Geol 5377
Kinematics of the Lithosphere and Continental Crust
Baylor U Geol 5377
Seismo-Lineament Analysis Method
Baylor U Geol 5377
GPS-Strain Module
Short Course for UNAVCO
Yellowstone National Park as a Hotbed for Inquiry
Short Course for UNAVCO
The Crunching of Cascadia -- Discovering Deformation with Data
Short Course for UNAVCO
GeoEthics Short Course and Course Modules
GeoEthics Course Group and IAPG

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