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Seismo-Lineament Analysis Method (SLAM) and the search for the Dog Valley Fault

Intellectual Property and Copyright

Just to be clear so that there are no misunderstandings, the information provided in this web page and in the documents linked from this web page are intellectual property. All of the documents (words, images, codes, datasets, interpretations, et cetera) that are Vince Cronin's work product are copyright (© 2004-2017) by Vincent S. Cronin.

Abstract Presented at 2017 Fall AGU

Cronin, V.S., and Strasser, M.P., 2017, Proximity of the seismogenic Dog Valley Fault to Stampede and Prosser Creek Dams near Truckee, California: Abstract [NH33B-0252], AGU Fall Meeting, available via

The copyright poster file is located at

Intro to SLAM

The seismo-lineament analysis method is a tool to spatially correlate a shallow-focus earthquake to the surface trace of the fault that generated it. SLAM is the intellectual property and work product of Vince Cronin, and has been developed with assistance from Matthew Strasser, Brandon Rasaka, Victoria Worrell, Jeremy Ashburn, Brian Bayliss, Chris Breed, Bruce Byars, Ryan Campbell, David Cleveland, Jon Cook, Kelly Cronin, Jordan Dickinson, Daniel Lancaster, Ryan Lindsay, Mark Millard, Shane Prochnow, Tyler Reed, Stephen Secrest, Lauren Seidman Robinson, Keith Sverdrup and Lisa Zygo, with funds from AAPG, Baylor University, Colorado Scientific Society, Ellis Exploration, Ft. Worth Geological Society, Geological Society of America, GCAGS, Samson Resources, Roy Shlemon Scholarship Fund, Sigma Xi, and SIPES.

Full papers describing SLAM

SLAM codes and necessary datasets used to produce 2017 AGU presentation

Important Note: The documents linked to this page that are the original work product of Vince Cronin are copyright © 2017 by Vincent S. Cronin.

Some SLAM Thesis References

DVFZ References

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