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Plate Boundary Observatory Site P150 on Martis Peak, California

Plate Boundary Observatory Site P150 on Martis Peak, California. Data from this site are available via UNAVCO.. Photo by Vince Cronin.

The purpose of this page is to describe briefly how I present material related to the GPS strain module, and to provide what I think are the most current documents. The tentative syllabus for the Fall 2015 edition of my structural geology course is available at

Infinitesimal strain is described in the second chapter of Fossen's 2010 book Structural Geology, published by Cambridge University Press, which I use as the textbook in my course. Hence, relevant material is provided near the beginning of the course. The following documents will be used:

During the first lab period, I plan to work with ideas of 1-D strain, and have my students do the bungee cord experiment. We will also work on learning about vectors and some vector mathematics. The following documents will be used:

During the second lab period, my students will learn a bit of matrix math. The following docs will help here:

During the sixth lab period, we will explore some physical models of deformation, including the stretchy-cloth and powder models that use dots to represent GPS sites. See, for example,

The project starts in earnest during the seventh lab period. Students receive the following handout, in paper form and electronically, describing their assignment and linking to relevant documents:

A list of documents prepared/used in the ill-fated short course at the 2014 Structural Geology and Tectonics Forum at the Colorado School of Mines -- modified to reflect current file locations on my new server -- is available at

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