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Model of extensional deformation of a dry powder.

Model of extensional deformation of a dry powder. Photo by Vince Cronin.

Some Coolio Physical Models

This is just a convenient depot for some movie files and on-line resources showing physical models of structures.

Some of my models and resources are available at

One rich source of these animations and physical models is the Texas Bureau of Economic Geology, where Bruno Vendeville made wonderful models for several years. Here are some of their links (from

Other BEG animations/visualizations/models (linked to copies at

Some movies by Cecile Bonnet, Jacques Malavieille and Jon Mosar are available at

Ken McClay has long been a leader in physical modeling. His email is

Another set of sandbox movies was provided to me years ago at a meeting, and virtually all of the details of this exchange have left my cranium. What I recall is that the experiments involved sand (rather than clay or putty or powder or whatever), and were imaged as they were occurring using some sort of medical imaging system (X-ray, MRI, etc.). I also remember that this was funded by a Middle-Eastern government (Saudi Arabia or UAE?) through an oil company. I apologize for my lack of detail (and memory).

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