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Climbing at Joshua Tree National Park.

Friday Afternoon Geoscience Colloquium, Spring 2017
Current Schedule

DateSpeakerTitleMore about the talk...
January 13Charity Lander
University of Oklahoma
Was there life on Mars? Assessing habitability and biosignatures on the red planet...available here
January 20Jamey Fulton, Baylor UniversityTracing microbial biogeochemistry at the top of the critical zone in arid and semi-arid drylands...available here
January 27OT Hayward Speaker
Kate Freeman, Penn State
How stable is stabilized carbon in soils when the world heats up? (An organic geochemist's perspective on lessons from past climates)...available here
February 3Fred Chester
Center for Tectonophysics, Texas A&M
Fault structure and flash-weakening during earthquake slip...available here
February 10Joseph White
TIE3S and the Biology Department
Baylor University
Strange planet: non-analogous plant-atmosphere interactions of the late Carboniferous.
February 17Beth Parker
University of Guelph

hosted by Scott James
Plume behavior in sedimentary rock aquifers: Using chlorinated solvent contaminants as long-term, natural-gradient tracers to understand complex flow systems...available here
February 24Dr. Omar Harvey
TCU School of Geology, Energy & Environment
Measurements of Energy and Energetics: What can they tell us about Biogeochemical Reactions in Earth’s Critical Zone?...available here
March 3Chuck DeMets
University of Wisconsin-Madison
High-resolution reconstructions of the Pacific-North American plate motion and implications for the Neogene tectonics of western North America...available here
March 10No colloquium -- Spring Break..
March 17Dr. Edith WilsonTransformation: from fossil fuels to the future...available here
March 24Linda Gunderson
Scientist Emeritus, USGS
Former Chief Scientist for Geology, and founding Director of the Office of Science Quality and Integrity
Changes and challenges in scientific integrity and ethics -- An interactive dialogue...coming soon
March 31Jim O'Connor, USGS
Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer
The Great Missoula floods of the last Ice Age...available here
April 7Allen Glazner
University of North Carolina
A 21st century view of plutons...available here
April 14No colloquium -- Easter Break..
April 21John Geissman
University of Texas--Dallas
Magnetostratigraphy of Upper Permian to Lower Triassic (?) Beaufort Group Strata , Karoo Basin, South Africa: Can we “See Through” the Karoo Large Igneous Province event?...available here

Presentations are from 3:00-4:00 PM in BSB E231.
A meet-and-greet with snacks will start at 2:30 PM in the 4th-floor clock tower, E wing of the Baylor Science Building (BSB).

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