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Some Geoethics Fundamentals and Resources

Presentation Description

Making ethical decisions in a professional context requires us to understand some fundamentals of geoethics that we can derive from community resources available through AEG and other professional organizations (e.g., ASBOG, AGI, AGU, AIPG, and IAPG). This webinar aims to provide an overview of some geoethics basics, and links to associated geoethics resources.

This talk will focus on the ethical foundations of applied geoscience. There is no reason for engineering geology to exist as a profession if we do not provide society with useful and reliable information about the Earth. The ethical practice of engineering geology requires a firm commitment to the responsible conduct of geoscience in the public interest. Vince will present three of the "primacy principles" that are foundational to the practice of engineering geology, related to protecting the public interest (health, safety, well-being), the conduct of science as a truth-seeking process, and environmental stewardship.

Definitions of GeoEthics

Dave Mogk provided the following definition (

"GeoEthics encompasses the values and professional standards required of geoscientists to responsibly work in the profession and in service to society. The training of scientists in ethics has traditionally been focused on the Responsible Conduct of Research. However, GeoEthics encompasses many more dimensions, including personal and professional behaviors as well as responsibilities to society and to stewardship of Earth."

The International Association for Promoting Geoethics offers many viewpoints about the nature of geoethics, starting with their definition at


"Ethical conduct in the geoscience professions has many dimensions, including responsibilities toward the Profession, to Society, and to the Earth System." (Dave Mogk,

Multiple Facets of GeoEthics

Structuring thought about geoethics for AEG members in Texas

Some Other Geoethics Resources

Invited contribution by Vince Cronin to the IAPG Short Course on Geoethics, presented at the 2021 European Geoscience Union Meeting in Vienna ( ).

IAPG School on Geoethics and Natural Issues, resources available via

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About The Speaker

Vince Cronin is a member of the Texas Chapter of AEG. and is the Richard H. Jahns Lecturer for 2022-23. He worked for the first Jahns Lecturer, Dr. Jim Slosson, as an engineering geologist and consultant on projects involving landslides, active faulting, flooding, coastal/stream erosion, and resource evaluation in the western US. Vince was chosen by AIPG as the recipient of the Ben H. Parker Memorial Distinguished Service Medal for 2023.

Vince has contributed to the development of geoethics during the past 3 decades. He serves on the executive board of the International Association for Promoting Geoethics ( IAPG ) as its North American coordinator. He is a member of the task force charged with developing geoethical guidelines for the International Union of Geological Sciences ( IUGS ). He is also on the editorial board of the Journal of Geoethics and Social Geosciences .

Vince is an emeritus professor of geoscience at Baylor University. There and at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, he taught a variety of graduate courses about structural geology, tectonics, and engineering geology, and the core undergraduate courses in physical geology and structural geology. He is the editor of the 11th through 13th editions of the AGI/NAGT Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology (Pearson).

If you have any questions or comments about this site or its contents, drop an email to Vince Cronin

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