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The intent in listing the following theses is that they should be used as examples of work that has been approved by Baylor. You will notice a significant degree of uniformity in the structure and style of these theses, and it is expected that any new thesis will adhere to these norms. That is, you are not free to use the structure, style, format, or content of your thesis as an expression of your innate creativity and unique iconoclastic nature. That might be acceptable for an MFA in Creative Writing, but Dr. Cronin needs draft theses to look just like previously-approved theses before they can be submitted to the thesis review committee for approval and defense.

None of these theses are perfect in every respect. For example, the "Table of Contents" of Jeremy Ashburn's BS thesis is a better style (because of its use of dots to connect the contents with the page numbers) than the same table in Tyler Reed's thesis (which does not use the dots and so is less clear). So students writing theses should take the best from previously-approved theses and incorporate it into their work. In other words, some stylistic decision (e.g., not having the dots in the table of contents) will not necessarily be acceptable just because you see it in a completed/accepted thesis document.

BS Theses

Jeremy Ashburn, 2015, Investigation of a Lineament that Might Mark the Ground-Surface Trace of the Dog Valley Fault, Truckee Area, Northern California,

Jordan Dickinson, 2015, A seismo-lineament study of magnitude 3.3-5.3 earthquakes near Trinidad, Colorado,

MS Theses

Tyler Reed, 2014, Spatial correlation of earthquakes with two known and two suspected seismogenic faults, north Tahoe-Truckee area, California,

Ryan Lindsay, 2012, Seismo-lineament analysis of selected earthquakes in the Tahoe-Truckee area, California and Nevada,

Stephen Secrest, 2011, Analysis of calcite-filled faults in carbonate strata, Balcones trend near Waco, Texas,

Daniel Lancaster, 2011, Correlation of earthquakes with seismogenic faults along the Northern Arizona Seismic Belt, southwestern margin of the Colorado Plateau,

Mark Millard, 2007, Linking onshore and offshore data to find seismogenic faults along the Eastern Malibu coastline ,

Lauren (Seidman) Robinson, 2007, Seismo-lineament analysis of the Malibu Beach quadrangle, southern California,

Brian Bayliss, 2007, Test of a method to recognize seismogenic faults,

Alison Nguyen, 2006, Analysis of fracture system geometry on the Salt Valley Anticline, Paradox Basin, Utah ,

William Walker, 2006, Structural setting of the Criner Hills fault, south-central Oklahoma,

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