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Some Opportunities for Funding Geoscience Research

Do not neglect to investigate internal funding opportunities available through the Baylor Geology Department, Graduate School, or through the Vice-Provost for Research. The guide for departmental support is available for download as a PDF files via>

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Revised September 2017

All deadlines listed below are approximate and subject to change. Rely on the information posted by the hosting entity for the most accurate and up-to-date deadline information.

Date/Deadline Description Reference
various NSF Geosciences
various American Geophysical Union grants and scholarships
various AEG scholarship, field camp, and research funds
various SCEC proposals (and other info)
January 3 Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholarship
(AGI, for female grad students)
January 15 Len Assante Scholarship
(NGWA, for students of groundwater hydrogeology)
January 15 SEPM grants
January 31 AAPG grants
February 1 GSA Research Grant
February 15 AIPG Student Scholarship application due
February 28 GCAGS Student Scholarship application due
March 31 Shlemon Scholarship, GSA EGD
March 15 Sigma Xi Research Grant
~April 4 Fort Worth Geological Society scholarships
mid-April Association of Women Geoscientists scholarships
circa May 8 Unsolicited grant proposals, NSF/USGS NEHRP
May 31 TSOP Spackman Award in organic petrology
June 5 TSOP Travel Award
June 30 NGWA grants for groundwater sustainability
July 15 Shlemon Meeting Award, GSA EGD
before July 29 SIPES Foundation scholarship
circa September 18 GSA Foundation Travel Grant, GSA Annual Mtg
October 1 Sigma Xi Research Grant
October 15 Desk & Derrick Club Scholarships

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