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Baylor's Requirements

Baylor's official requirements for the MS degree in geology are available at

Some minimum requirements for MS students in structural geology

People who have earned their Bachelor's degree in a field of geoscience at Baylor are very, very strongly encouraged to pursue your interests in graduate education at another university. It's not that we don't love you or think you are qualified -- it's just that you will probably learn more and be a better-rounded geoscientist if you go somewhere else, see some new geology, and learn from different professors who have different experiences and knowledge. See Dr. Cronin for information about other suitable graduate programs.

Completed degree

Math competency

Computer competency

English-language competency

Non-native English speakers and the TOEFL exam

GRE scores

Other grades

Letters of reference


Research funding

The two-year timeline for completion of a MS degree in geology, available at, is intended to guide progress, but is not a guarantee that the degree will be completed in two years (or at all).

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