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Cronin et al., 2015, EGU poster files

The files that you can access via the links below correspond to a print file that fits on a 197 cm by 100 cm piece of paper, oriented in landscape (longer dimension horizontal) mode.

Cronin, V., Di Capua, G., Palinkas, C., Pappas Maenz, C, Peppoloni, S., Ryan, A-.M., 2015, A collaborative effort to build a modular course on Geoethics: Geophysical Research Abstracts, v. 17, EGU2015-4072; accessible via

Compressed (zip) files

300 DPI posters, zip files (zip of pdf file, 9.1 MB) (zip of tiff file, 18.1 MB) (zip of jpeg file, 42.5 MB)

150 DPI posters, zip files (zip of pdf file, 3.4 MB) (zip of tiff file, 6.8 MB) (zip of jpeg file, 17.6 MB)

Uncompressed files

300 DPI poster versions
CroninEtAl300.pdf (pdf file, 11 MB) CroninEtAl300.tif (tiff file, 722 MB) CroninEtAl300.jpg (jpeg file, 48.2 MB)

150 DPI poster versions
CroninEtAl150.pdf (pdf file, 4 MB) CroninEtAl150.tif (tiff file, 180.5 MB) CroninEtAl150.jpg (jpeg file, 19.3 MB)

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