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Baylor Faculty Salaries

Baylor University Profile of Full-Time Faculty

Av Salary by RankFall 2017Fall 2016Fall 2015Fall 14Fall 13Fall 12Fall 11Fall 10Fall 09Fall 08Fall 07Fall 06Fall 05Fall 04Fall 03Fall 02
Professor$137,318$133,511$129,604$125,239$120,728$116,885$115,932$111,415$106,504$102,398$ 97,241$ 92,385$ 89,219$ 87,091$ 86,590$ 83,562
Assoc Professor$ 99,876$ 98,482$ 96,286$ 92,799$ 92,007$ 90,419$ 88,267$ 83,620$ 81,619$ 78,043$ 74,681$ 70,179$ 68,432$ 67,500$ 67,706$ 65,136
Asst Professor$ 88,157$ 86,178$ 83,398$ 79,656$ 78,214$ 76,086$ 74,988$ 74,581$ 73,872$ 70,562$ 69,536$ 67,143$ 62,385$ 58,765$ 57,177$ 55,208

Baylor University Fall Facts, with average salaries of "AAUP Instructional Faculty": faculty whose major (at least 50%) regular assignment is instruction (including released time for research) exclusive of administrative officers with titles of Academic Dean and Librarians.

Christian Doctoral Research University Salaries

The data tabulated below are from the AAUP Faculty Salary Survey
"The salaries are reported in thousands of dollars and are rounded to the nearest hundred. They are adjusted to a nine-month work year. The figures cover full-time members of each institution's instructional staff, except those in medical schools." NA indicates that no data were reported.

Academic Year 2012-2013; number in parentheses is the USN&WR ranking of "best national universities" for 2013-14

Av Salary by RankBaylor (75)Notre Dame (18)Emory (20)Georgetown (20)Boston College (31)Fordham (57)Pepperdine (57)Brigham Young (62)Marquette University (75)
Assoc Professor$ 92.0$ 98,6$106.0$109.4$103.4$106.6$107.6NA$ 83.3
Asst Professor$ 78.2$ 91.0$ 85.4$ 96.0$ 88.3$ 93.9$ 79.9NA$ 72.4

Geologist Salaries

Average salaries of geology-department faculty members at Oklahoma State University and the Big-12, through Fall 2015
Accessed 27 December 2014 via

Table excerpt, page 2; OSU=Oklahoma State University:

Av Salary by RankOSU 2008Big 12 2008OSU 2009Big 12 2009OSU 2010Big 12 2010OSU 2011Big 12 2011OSU 2012Big 12 2012OSU 2013Big 12 2013OSU 2014Big 12 2014OSU 2015Big 12 2015
Professor$106,557$113,078$114,606$116,143$114,606$116,020$126,266$113,794$111,420$117,409$110,606$118,466$118,391$120,131$118,214not yet rept
Assoc Professor$64,521$76,637$65,943$77.455$65,943$77.811$69,381$78,906$67,631$78,446$75,255$82,138$80,524$84,165$87,890not yet rept
Asst Professor$59,541$65,224$60,325$67,145$60,565$67,388$62,899$69,283$62,899$71,355$64,969$73,752$67,797$72,537$69,309not yet rept

American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Geological Salary Survey, 2014

Table excerpt -- Average Salary by Degree:

Years ExperienceM.S. DegreePh.D. Degree

Geoscientist salaries, by years of experience (2005), Geoscience Currents #5, from the American Geological Institute

The Chronicle of Higher Education faculty salary survey of April, 2013, from a database of salaries from more than 1,170 institutions

Table excerpt -- How faculty pay at public and private colleges differs in 2012-2013

RankPrivate collegesPublic colleges
Assoc. Prof$ 88,301$ 78,529
Asst. Prof$ 74,664$ 67,097

The Chronicle of Higher Education faculty salary survey of April 18, 2008, from a database of salaries from more than 1,300 institutions

Table excerpt -- Average salaries for full-time faculty members, 2007-2008, Doctoral Institutions

RankAllPublicPrivate, IndependentChurch-related
Assoc. Prof$80,043$77,033$92,148$84,004
Asst. Prof$68,112$65,416$78,840$71,061

Inflation Information

Consumer Price Index from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Statistics for the South, Urban:,CUUS0300SA0

CPI Inflation Calculator:

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