Vince Cronin's Page of Boy Scout Resources

This page contains links to resources used in Vince Cronin's outreach activities involving the Boy Scouts of America.

Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files of compass and gps courses at Camp Tahuaya (current draft versions)

Map to Dr. Morrison's ranch and fishing holes (pdf file, 120 KB)

Benesh Ranch

Mcdonough Deer Lease

DuPuy Ranch

Maps Around and Near Lake Waco

Map to campsite in Lorena (pdf file, 80 KB)


Web resources about geology
(under construction)

Indian Lore

Web resources about Native Americans, especially in central Texas
(under construction)

Scouting & Climbing brochure Climbing MB workbook Climbing MB worksheet
Climb on safely brochure Climb on safely ppt COS training outline
Longhorn Council policy climbing standards new consent form
Map to Tonkawa Falls old consent form

Web resources about climbing

Troop 308 website (

Longhorn Council website (

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